Our Mission

GeneticsCubed, LLC is a scientific innovator and leading supplier of premium hemp seeds and solutions for farmers and growers. Through scientific research, cutting-edge genetics, and multifaceted cannabis breeding expertise, our goal is to produce the highest performance seeds and clones in the market and enhance yields and profit margins for commercial farmers and growers.

  • Improved genetics through selective breeding

Mesa Rising Hemp Farms, LLC

Produces and processes the highest quality industrial hemp following industry-leading standards and utilizing cutting edge science, technology, and mechanization. From genetically superior seeds through high-tech harvest, plants maximize CBD content and control indoor germination/outdoor growth to provide uniform, dependable biomass.
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Red Mesa Science & Refining, LLC

Produces and distributes high quality, FDA-grade cannabidiol (CBD) crude oil, isolate, and distillate. Our expert team utilizes industry-leading ethanol extraction, distillation, and isolation post-harvest processes to maximize quality, consistency, and efficiency from flower to finished product, ensuring the purest CBD content.
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  • Processing
  • Extraction & Isolation


Thomas Azwell, Ph.D.

Azwell is an environmental scientist at the University of California Berkeley, specializing in sustainable agriculture, remediation and restoration, oil spill response, biomimicry, dissemination of innovation, industrial ecology, corporate sustainability. He has completed extensive research in the area of precision agriculture, a farming practice which utilizes advance technologies to increase yields, reduce inputs, and better manage environmental impact. He also conducts research on the implementation of organic agricultural practices, such as integrative pest management, selective breeding, and the development of high nitrogen organic fertilizers. Azwell has published extensively on these topics and earned numerous awards and honors for his research.