Multiplying Hemp Yields with Advanced Genetics

GeneticsCubed designs, develops, and clones genetically superior hemp genotypes with characteristics that promote growth and maximize CBD content so farmers get the maximum yield for their dollar.

Our genetics answer the surging demand for quality, feminized hemp seeds through our highly experienced team who has taken every step to develop desirable plant traits. The team’s selective breeding program, with the application of bioinformatics, ensures a wide array of plant characteristics for various climates and environments.

GeneticsCubed is building a portfolio of patented genetics to protect its industry-leading techniques that lead to superior, dependable genetics for growers around the world.

GeneticsCubed offers:

  • Certified climate-specific seed supply
  • Phenological development
  • Fully integrated hemp consulting services

Our award-winning scientists have multifaceted cannabis breeding and sustainable agricultural expertise that optimizes seed genetics to produce field-tested, ready-to-plant seeds that are unrivaled in the market.

Crop Market Analysis/Access

Demand forecasts, product mix analysis, commercial market planning, and access

Regulatory Compliance

Licensing certifications and permitting

Variety Selection

Seed acquisition and custom phenotype development

Crop Management & Operations

Propagation, integrative pest management, irrigation, soil nutrition, and advanced analysis (biological and chemical)